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Laptop Motherboard for Acer Aspire 7000 and 9300 Motherboard MBAEF01002 MB.AEF01.002

Part Number: MBAEF01002 MB.AEF01.002
Fit model:
Aspire 7000 Series (Model MS2195) 7000-1063 (LX.AE705.052)
7000-1415 (LX.AE70J.026) 7000-1450 (LX.AWN0X.024)
7003WSMi (LX.AE705.053, LX.AE70J.032, LX.AFG0J.030, LX.AWN0X.009, LX.AWN0X.012, LX.AWN0X.029, LX.AWN0X.047, LX.AWN0X.062) 7004WSMi (LX.AWN0X.052, LX.AWN0X.053, LX.AWN0X.060, LX.AWN0X.076, LX.AWS0X.002, LX.AWS0Y.003)
Aspire 7100 Series (Model MS2195) 7104WSMi (LX.ACK05.053, LX.ACK05.055)
Aspire 7110 Series (Model MS2195) 7110-2069 (LX.AZ20Y.027)
7110-2369 (LX.ADJ0J.075) 7111WSMi (LX.ADJ05.105, LX.ADJ05.117, LX.ADJ05.121, LX.ADJ05.127)
7112WSMi (LX.ADJ05.044, LX.ADJ05.174, LX.ADJ05.176, LX.ADJ05.197, LX.ADJ0J.078, LX.ADJ0J.079, LX.ADJ0J.090, LX.ADJ0J.108, LX.ADJ0J.109) 7113WSMi (LX.AZ20X.002, LX.AZ20Y.020, LX.AZ20Y.025, LX.AZ20Y.026)
7114WSMi (LX.AZ20Y.058) 7116WSMi (LX.AZ20X.146)
Aspire 9300 Series (Model MS2195) 9300-3089 (LX.AWT0Y.011)
9300-3375 (LX.AWP0Y.001) 9300-3642 (LX.AWP0X.095)
9300-3655 (LX.AFH0J.009) 9300-3699 (LX.AWT0Y.001)
9300-3716 (LX.AWP0X.053) 9300-3840 (LX.AWP0C.002)
9300-4272 (LX.AWP0Y.006) 9300-5005 (LX.AWR0X.053)
9300-5024 (LX.AEF0J.030) 9300-5197 (LX.AEF0J.029)
9300-5317 (LX.AEF0J.026) 9300-5349 (LX.AWP0X.213)
9300-5390 (LX.AWP0X.164) 9300-5415 (LX.AWQ0X.362)
9300-5504 (LX.AWP0X.028, LX.AWP0X.204) 9300-5620 (LX.AWR0X.150)
9300-5780 (LX.AWP0X.025) 9301AWSM (LX.AFJ05.002)
9301AWSMi (LX.AEF0J.010, LX.AEF0J.011, LX.AEF0J.024, LX.AEF0J.054, LX.AEF0J.068, LX.AEF0J.069, LX.AEF0J.070, LX.AEF0J.098, LX.AFH0J.005, LX.AFH0J.006, LX.AWP0X.008, LX.AWP0X.019, LX.AWP0X.054, LX.AWP0Y.002) 9301WSMi (LX.AWP0X.092)
9302AWSMi (LX.AWP0X.034, LX.AWP0X.130, LX.AWP0X.196, LX.AWT0X.009, LX.AWT0X.019) 9302WSLMi (LX.AF205.014)
9302WSMi (LX.AEF0J.039, LX.AWP0X.013, LX.AWP0X.083, LX.AWP0X.104, LX.AWP0X.149, LX.AWR0X.009, LX.AWR0X.012) 9303WSM (LX.AWQ0X.013)
9303WSMi (LX.AEH0J.033, LX.AEH0J.054, LX.AF20J.097, LX.AFK0J.001, LX.AWR0X.019, LX.AWR0X.032, LX.AWR0X.044, LX.AWR0X.045, LX.AWR0X.073, LX.AWR0X.108, LX.AWR0X.111, LX.AWR0X.120) 9304WSMi (LX.AWP0X.197, LX.AWP0X.317, LX.AWQ0X.353, LX.AWR0X.135, LX.AWR0X.145)
9305AWSMi (LX.AWP0X.290, LX.AWP0X.307, LX.AWP0X.314, LX.AWT0X.039) 9305WSMi (LX.AWQ0X.354, LX.AWR0X.138, LX.AWV0X.011)
Aspire 9400 Series (Model MS2195) 9402WSMi (LX.ACF05.004, LX.ACF05.022, LX.ACJ05.001, LX.ACJ05.003, LX.ACJ0J.001, LX.ACJ0J.002, LX.ACJ0J.003, LX.ACJ0J.004)
9403WSMI (LX.ACJ0J.006) 9404WSMi (LX.ACJ05.005, LX.ACJ05.007)
Aspire 9410 Series (Model MS2195) 9410-4251 (LX.AZ90X.033)
9410-4317 (LX.ADH0J.041) 9410-4370 (LX.AZ90X.018)
9410-4441 (LX.AZ90X.027) 9410-4541 (LX.AZJ0X.146)
9410-4662 (LX.AZ90X.039) 9410-4836 (LX.AZJ0X.218)
9410-4872 (LX.AZ90X.038) 9410-4897 (LX.AZ90X.035)
9410-4915 (LX.AZ90X.007) 9410-4933 (LX.AZ90X.034)
9410AWSMI (LX.ADH05.102) 9410AWSMi (LX.ADF05.204, LX.ADH05.100, LX.ADH0J.018)
9410Z-2028 / 9410-2028 (LX.AWE0X.009) 9410Z-2597 / 9410-2597 (LX.AWE0X.004)
9411AWSMi (LX.ADF05.110, LX.ADF05.118, LX.ADF05.132, LX.ADF05.140, LX.ADF05.148, LX.ADF05.172, LX.ADH0J.006) 9412AWSMi (LX.ADF05.184, LX.ADF0J.006, LX.AZ90X.013)
9412WSMi (LX.ADF05.057, LX.ADF05.100, LX.ADF05.108, LX.ADF0J.012, LX.ADF0J.013, LX.ADF0J.016, LX.ADF0J.075, LX.ADH0J.007, LX.ADH0J.008, LX.ADH0J.035) 9413AWSMi (LX.AZF0X.050)
9413ZWSMI (LX.AWE0X.016) 9413ZWSMi (LX.AWE0X.084)
Aspire 9410Z Series (Model MS2195) 9410Z-2079 / 9410-2079 (LX.AX10X.118)
9410Z-2155 (LX.AX10X.120) 9410Z-2459 / 9410-2459 (LX.AX10X.121)
9412ZWLMi (LX.AX10X.002) 9412ZWSMi (LX.AX10X.003, LX.AX10X.006)
9413ZWSMI (LX.AGM0X.185) 9413ZWSMi (LX.AGM0X.040, LX.AGM0X.102, LX.AX10X.059, LX.AX10X.065, LX.AX10X.082, LX.AX10X.108)
9414ZWSMi (LX.AGM0X.167, LX.AGM0X.215, LX.AGM0X.241) Aspire 9420 Series (Model MS2195)
9420-6426 (LX.AWW0X.010) 9420-6746 (LX.AWX0X.003)
9420-6775 (LX.AWZ0X.054) 9422WSMi (LX.AWZ0X.026)
9423AWSMi (LX.AWZ0X.058) 9423WLMi (LX.AEW0J.048)
9423WSMi (LX.AEW0J.003, LX.AEW0J.021, LX.AEW0J.119, LX.AEW0J.139, LX.AWZ0U.001, LX.AWZ0U.002, LX.AWZ0X.004, LX.AWZ0X.032, LX.AWZ0X.034, LX.AWZ0X.041, LX.AWZ0X.044, LX.AWZ0X.050, LX.AWZ0X.052, LX.AWZ0X.061, LX.AWZ0X.062, LX.AWZ0X.109, LX.AWZ0X.208) 9423WSMib (LX.AWZ0U.003, LX.AWZ0U.005, LX.AWZ0X.013, LX.AWZ0X.020)
9424WSMi (LX.AEW0J.043, LX.AEW0J.044, LX.AEW0J.046, LX.AEW0J.091, LX.AEW0J.092, LX.AEW0J.130, LX.AEW0J.134, LX.AWZ0X.092) 9425WSMi (LX.AWZ0X.215)
TravelMate 5100 Series (Model MS2195) 5103EWSMi (LX.TCB06.001)
5103WSMi (LX.TCB06.003, LX.TCB06.007) 5104WSMi (LX.TCB06.005)
TravelMate 5110 Series (Model MS2195) TravelMate 5600 Series (Model MS2195)
5602WSMi (LX.TBG06.001, LX.TBG06.003) 5604WSMi (LX.TBG06.005, LX.TBG06.007)
TravelMate 5610 Series (Model MS2195) 5610-4130 (LX.THT06.002)
5610-4414 (LX.THT06.001) 5610-4643 (LX.THR06.002)
5610-4884 (LX.THR06.001)

Laptop Motherboard for Acer Aspire 7000 and 9300 Motherboard MBAEF01002 MB.AEF01.002 Warranty:

1. 100% Q.C. of Laptop Motherboard for Acer Aspire 7000 and 9300 Motherboard MBAEF01002 MB.AEF01.002, Tested all OK.
2. Guaranteed to Meet or Exceed Original Specifications.
3. Items are usually shipped within one business day of payment receipt.
4. Full 1 Year Warranty.
5. 30 Days Money Back.
6. Shipping Worldwide, Shipment may take up to 3-7 business days to arrive.

How To Replace The Laptop Motherboard for Acer Aspire 7000 and 9300 Motherboard MBAEF01002 MB.AEF01.002

1. Disconnect the power cable and remove the battery.
2. Turn the laptop over and place it upside-down on a flat surface.
3. Remove any screws that secure the optical drive and hard drive (see your laptop's Owners Manual for locations) and set them aside.
4. Proceed to take all of the screws out of the base of the laptop. Loosen the clips that hold the memory chips in place and lift out each memory module. Often, the memory chips are located in the same area as the mini-PCI wireless card. The memory chips will be about half the size of the mini-PCI card Disconnect the antenna lead from the wireless card, if one is present. Release the clips securing the card and remove it.
5. Open the processor access door, if there is one on the machine. If the processor is removable, and one did not come with the new motherboard, remove it and set it aside in a safe place.
6. Now check that all the base screws are removed and begin to open the case. On certain models, the keyboard will need to be removed in order to open the case.
7. Draw a picture of the component locations before taking anything else apart. This will help you to assemble the machine correctly after the job is done.
8. Disconnect any wires that are connected to the motherboard. Unplug any cards, such as the video card, that are not built directly into the motherboard. Locate the mounting screws for the motherboard and unscrew them.
9. Remove the old motherboard, mount the new unit and reassemble the parts in reverse order.
10. Attach the power cable and boot up!

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