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Laptop Motherboard for HP dv9000 dv9500 dv9700 intel motherboard 447983-001

Part Number: 447983-001
Fit model:
HP Pavilion dv9580us Notebook PC GA334UA, GA334UAR HP Pavilion dv9540us Notebook PC GA336UA, GA336UAR
HP Pavilion dv9575nr Notebook PC GA338UA, GA338UAR HP Pavilion dv9535nr Notebook PC GA339UA, GA339UAR
HP Pavilion dv9543cl Notebook PC GA340UA, GA340UAR HP Pavilion dv9548us Notebook PC GA341UA, GA341UAR
HP Pavilion dv9542us Notebook PC GA345UA HP Pavilion dv9596xx Notebook PC GE491AS
HP Pavilion dv9501tx Notebook PC GJ210PA HP Pavilion dv9502tx Notebook PC GM175PA
HP Pavilion dv9503tx Notebook PC GM176PA HP Pavilion dv9504tx Notebook PC GM177PA
HP Pavilion dv9505tx Notebook PC GM203PA HP Pavilion dv9506tx Notebook PC GM213PA, GM213PAR
HP Pavilion dv9547cl Notebook PC GL954UA, GL954UAR HP Pavilion dv9548ca Notebook PC GL956UA, GL956UAR
HP Pavilion dv9575la Notebook PC GM704LA HP Pavilion dv9507tx Notebook PC GN378PA
HP Pavilion dv9508tx Notebook PC GN379PA HP Pavilion dv9511tx Notebook PC GN428PA
HP Pavilion dv9512tx Notebook PC GN429PA HP Pavilion dv9513tx Notebook PC GN430PA
HP Pavilion dv9514tx Notebook PC GN431PA HP Pavilion dv9515tx Notebook PC GN432PA
HP Pavilion dv9516tx Notebook PC GN433PA HP Pavilion dv9575ef Notebook PC GQ243EA
HP Pavilion dv9592ef Notebook PC GQ244EA HP Pavilion dv9588ef Notebook PC GQ245EA
HP Pavilion dv9585eg Notebook PC GQ246EA HP Pavilion dv9533ef Notebook PC GQ248EA
HP Pavilion dv9521ej Notebook PC GQ249EA HP Pavilion dv9595ed Notebook PC GQ251EA
HP Pavilion dv9580en Notebook PC GQ252EA HP Pavilion dv9580ee Notebook PC GQ253EA
HP Pavilion dv9581ee Notebook PC GQ254EA HP Pavilion dv9580et Notebook PC GP648EA
HP Pavilion dv9590et Notebook PC GP649EA HP Pavilion dv9560eg Notebook PC GP650EA, GP650EAR
HP Pavilion dv9575em Notebook PC GP652EA HP Pavilion dv9565eg Notebook PC GP653EA
HP Pavilion dv9555eg Notebook PC GP654EA HP Pavilion dv9590ez Notebook PC GP656EA
HP Pavilion dv9575eo Notebook PC GP660EA HP Pavilion dv9550eo Notebook PC GP661EA
HP Pavilion dv9650us Notebook PC GS744UA, GS744UAR HP Pavilion dv9640us Notebook PC GS745UA, GS745UAR
HP Pavilion dv9653cl Notebook PC GS748UA, GS748UAR HP Pavilion dv9657cl Notebook PC GS749UA, GS749UAR
HP Pavilion dv9640ca Notebook PC GS752UA, GS752UAR HP Pavilion dv9644ca Notebook PC GS754UA, GS754UAR
HP Pavilion dv9638us Notebook PC GS755UA, GS755UAR HP Pavilion dv9517tx Notebook PC GS048PA
HP Pavilion dv9518tx Notebook PC GS067PA, GS067PAR HP Pavilion dv9519tx Notebook PC GS068PA
HP Pavilion dv9520tx Notebook PC GS078PA, GS078PAR HP Pavilion dv9521tx Notebook PC GS080PA, GS080PAR
HP Pavilion dv9522tx Notebook PC GS107PA, GS107PAR HP Pavilion dv9602tx Notebook PC GT962PA
HP Pavilion dv9603tx Notebook PC GT987PA HP Pavilion dv9523tx Notebook PC GU010PA
HP Pavilion dv9574la Notebook PC GU058LA HP Pavilion dv9585el Notebook PC GU126EA
HP Pavilion dv9580eo Notebook PC GU128EA HP Pavilion dv9590er Notebook PC GU130EA
HP Pavilion dv9542ev Notebook PC GU132EA HP Pavilion dv9543ev Notebook PC GU133EA
HP Pavilion dv9590eg Notebook PC GU134EA HP Pavilion dv9580eg Notebook PC GU135EA
HP Pavilion dv9520eb Notebook PC GU137EA HP Pavilion dv9540eb Notebook PC GT424EA
HP Pavilion dv9515eo Notebook PC GT425EA HP Pavilion dv9570eo Notebook PC GT426EA
HP Pavilion dv9575ep Notebook PC GT427EA HP Pavilion dv9576ea Notebook PC GT431EA, GT431EAR
HP Pavilion dv9560ea Notebook PC GT432EA, GT432EAR HP Pavilion dv9574ea Notebook PC GT433EA, GT433EAR
HP Pavilion dv9590ea Notebook PC GT434EA, GT434EAR HP Pavilion dv9575en Notebook PC GT435EA
HP Pavilion dv9595ea Notebook PC GT436EA HP Pavilion dv9700t CTO Entertainment Notebook PC GT811AAR, GT811AV
HP Pavilion dv9695ef Notebook PC GX448EA HP Pavilion dv9545eb Notebook PC GX450EA
HP Pavilion dv9685eg Notebook PC GX451EA HP Pavilion dv9681er Notebook PC GX453EA
HP Pavilion dv9689ea Notebook PC GX455EA HP Pavilion dv9690ez Notebook PC GX458EA
HP Pavilion dv9670ed Notebook PC GY419EA HP Pavilion dv9620et Notebook PC GY420EA, GY420EAR
HP Pavilion dv9630et Notebook PC GY421EA, GY421EAR HP Pavilion dv9660ei Notebook PC GY422EA
HP Pavilion dv9690ei Notebook PC GY423EA HP Pavilion dv9690ee Notebook PC GY424EA
HP Pavilion dv9670ee Notebook PC GY425EA, GY425EAR HP Pavilion dv9670eo Notebook PC GY426EA
HP Pavilion dv9675eo Notebook PC GY427EA, GY427EAR HP Pavilion dv9687eo Notebook PC GY428EA, GY428EAR
HP Pavilion dv9649em Notebook PC GY429EA, GY429EAR HP Pavilion dv9685eo Notebook PC GX459EA
HP Pavilion dv9605tx Notebook PC GX843PA, GX843PAR HP Pavilion dv9607tx Notebook PC GX883PA

Laptop Motherboard for HP dv9000 dv9500 dv9700 intel motherboard 447983-001 Warranty:

1. 100% Q.C. of Laptop Motherboard for HP dv9000 dv9500 dv9700 intel motherboard 447983-001, Tested all OK.
2. Guaranteed to Meet or Exceed Original Specifications.
3. Items are usually shipped within one business day of payment receipt.
4. Full 1 Year Warranty.
5. 30 Days Money Back.
6. Shipping Worldwide, Shipment may take up to 3-7 business days to arrive.

How To Replace The Laptop Motherboard for HP dv9000 dv9500 dv9700 intel motherboard 447983-001

1. Disconnect the power cable and remove the battery.
2. Turn the laptop over and place it upside-down on a flat surface.
3. Remove any screws that secure the optical drive and hard drive (see your laptop's Owners Manual for locations) and set them aside.
4. Proceed to take all of the screws out of the base of the laptop. Loosen the clips that hold the memory chips in place and lift out each memory module. Often, the memory chips are located in the same area as the mini-PCI wireless card. The memory chips will be about half the size of the mini-PCI card Disconnect the antenna lead from the wireless card, if one is present. Release the clips securing the card and remove it.
5. Open the processor access door, if there is one on the machine. If the processor is removable, and one did not come with the new motherboard, remove it and set it aside in a safe place.
6. Now check that all the base screws are removed and begin to open the case. On certain models, the keyboard will need to be removed in order to open the case.
7. Draw a picture of the component locations before taking anything else apart. This will help you to assemble the machine correctly after the job is done.
8. Disconnect any wires that are connected to the motherboard. Unplug any cards, such as the video card, that are not built directly into the motherboard. Locate the mounting screws for the motherboard and unscrew them.
9. Remove the old motherboard, mount the new unit and reassemble the parts in reverse order.
10. Attach the power cable and boot up!

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